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Upcoming Online Exemplifications

Worthy State, District, and Council Leaders, The Supreme Council offers online exemplification ceremonies to help you bring new members into the Order. I strongly urge you to use these ceremonies as you strive to grow your council and finish the fraternal year with great success.  The procedure to follow is very simple.

  • Councils should forward this downloadable PDF invitation to all eligible prospects for admission and advancement (click here for English, French).

  • Instruct the candidates to register for the exemplification of their choice by clicking on its associated link within the PDF invitation and filling out the online form. Note that they will need your council number to complete the registration. Current ceremonies are:

ENGLISH May 21 - 7:00 PM EDT May 21 - 10:00 PM EDT May 28 - 7:00 PM EDT May 28 - 10:00 PM EDT

FRENCH May 23 - 9:30 AM EDT May 25 - 10:00 PM EDT June 13 - 11:00 AM EDT June 16 - 10:00 PM EDT June 24 - 7:00 PM EDT

  • Contact the candidates to guide them through the registration if needed.

  • Candidates then participate in the scheduled ceremony.  

  • After the ceremony, councils must process the candidates by submitting form 100s the traditional way or electronically in Officers Online. 

Note that candidates for admission must be approved by your council. See the temporary rules for electronic voting (click here for English, French). Vivat Jesus! Tom McCaffrey Vice President Fraternal Excellence


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