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Coats for Kids

The Coats for Kids Program allows Councils to provide brand new coats for children in need.  Great program for Iowa winters.

The Coats come in boxes of 12 in assorted sizes for either Boys or Girls.  A 12 - coat box is around $220 with shipping and handling.  These are brand new coats each individually wrapped.


The cold winters in Iowa make this an excellent program to put our First Principle of Charity into work.  This about how many kids will have a warm winter because of your efforts.

NOTE: If your Council has yet to place your Coats for Kids order, now is the time to do so. By ordering now, you’ll be guaranteed to have coats on hand by wintertime. Twelve brand-new winter coats cost $220 (shipping included). Visit HERE for more information on how your Council can participate, and download a Coats for Kids order form HERE.

How can I make the program work for my Council?

All you need is to plan how many boxes your Council can afford and how do you plan to gather funds.  Some councils dedicate the proceeds of a Pancake Breakfast to buy coats.  Others find individual and business donors to sponsor a box.  At $220 per box with 12 coats, it is an easy fundraiser.

How can I order the Coats?

Just visit HERE to order. The coats can take 2 to 4 weeks for delivery, depending on the time of the year.  Mid October to December is busier than other months, so plan ahead and get your coats before the cold days start.

What if my Council cannot afford 8 boxes?

That should be no reason to be discouraged.  Most Councils that participate buy 1 to 2 boxes.  You will not get credit for all 4 youth Activities for the Columbian Award, but you will get 1 credit for participating in the program and you will make 12 or more kids have a more warm winter coat.  I guarantee you warmth in your heart as well!

Can we work with other Councils to buy several boxes?

Of course.  We encourage combined efforts of several councils within a District or Metro Area or nearby towns.  Having one large coat giveaway in the area will guarantee better distribution and more choices for those trying to find coats.  Put the Unity and Fraternity in practice to give better Charity.

Does publicity help?

YES!  Publicity to this, and any other KofC program helps others be aware of service opportunities.  Perhaps an individual that reads about the Coat distribution in your local newspaper or Catholic publication in your diocese is interested in helping out donating a box or two.  Your publicity just helped 12 or more kids have warm coats for the winter. Contact our Communications Director for more ideas and to make your activities known statewide (

Send us pictures of your fundraiser activities, coat distribution events, and of happy families receiving their brand new coats.

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