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District Leadership

The connection between the Iowa State Council and the Council is the District Deputy. Annually recommended by the State Deputy and approved by the Supreme Knight, the District Deputy serves as a guide, mentor, and liaison for multiple councils in a geographic region. Each District Deputy is entitled to have an assistant who will be appointed as the District Warden.

If you are interested in serving as a integral part of the success of the Order, contact our State Deputy at

Duties and Resources

The duties of a District Deputy varies from state to state. In Iowa, District Deputies/Warden are the primary link between the State Council and the local councils.

The District Deputy/Warden also helps to shape the annual plan for the State Council, and contributes to the State Council by serving on a committee or helping with a project.

Through the example of faith, charity and good judgment, District  Deputies/Wardens provide the model for council officers in your district to follow. When the tone is set that is open and engaging, they help ensure your district’s growth in charitable outreach and membership.

Job Description

Produced by the Iowa State Council for the 2019-2020 year

District Deputy Guidebook

A resource from Supreme on the duties of a District Deputy

Distict Deputy Reminder

A link to the monthly District Deputy Reminders newsletter published by Supreme

Listing of District Deputies & District Wardens

For the Current Fraternal Year

Supreme Forms

A link to the district-related forms of the Supreme Council

Supreme Resources

Resources provided by Supreme- updated annually

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