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Iowa Knights of Columbus
State Bowling Tournament

250+ Games 

First off we had 2 Perfect games about 20 minutes apart the last weekend.

Ty McCumsey  300  for Davenport Singles
Thomas Cutsforth  300 & 280 Ottumwa  Singles

Ty McCumsey  254  Team  "Council 15853" Davenport
Thomas Cutsforth 268 Doubles  Ottumwa

Michael Scwake  255  Team "What the Chit" Waterloo
Bryce Follett  256 Team "Father, Son and Holy Ghost"  Ankeny
Jimmy Pline  258  Singles  Epworth

Mike Headlee  258 Singles  Carroll
Scott Halman  257 Doubles  Cedar Falls
Randy McAllister  253  Singles  Cascade
Bryan Hertel  257 Singles  Waterloo

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