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Member Resources


-Forms Reporting Guide

-July 2020 State/District Meeting resources

-Membership forms

-Ceremonial forms

-State Awards

-Life Programs

-Community Programs

-Family Programs

-Faith Programs

-State Leadership Forms

-Miscellaneous Forms

State Awards

The Iowa Knights of Columbus annually recognizes outstanding individuals, families, and programs that exemplify the principles of Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism of the Order and serve as examples and inspiration for all Knights of Columbus.

Please click here to view a list of awards, and information on how to nominate a fellow knight.

**Forms are due no later than February 15th**

State Publications

How can we accomplish anything unless people know what we are trying to do?


-State Facebook page

-Iowa Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation

-State Facebook page (Spanish)

-State Twitter page

-Story ideas and council activities

-The Knight Today bulletin

Council Newsletters

One great resource to be inspired are the newsletters of our local councils and assemblies.

Here you can view this months newsletters. If your council or assembly creates and distributes a newsletters, please share it with us!


Click here to view all of our blog posts

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