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Trivium Life Services Receives CPID Donation

The Onawa-Blencoe Knights of Columbus recently donated the proceeds of their Campaign for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities to the local office of Trivium Life Services (formerly Crossroads of Western Iowa located at 301 10th Street in Onawa).

Receiving the check from Knight Franklin Heisterkamp, chairman of the fundraiser, are Residential Coordinators Melanie Black and Christy Bligh.

Trivium Life Services was formed by the merger of Crossroads of Western Iowa, Recovery 4 Life and A New Path. This unification expanded their mission, increased their resources and strengthened their services. Trivium is a non-profit organization committed to behavioral health, mental health, and long-term support services. It serves those who are seeking help but haven't yet had their needs met.

Trivium Life Service's mission is to create hope, empower lives and inspire communities. For more information about Trivium and how it can positively impact your life, call 712-256-7888 or visit


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