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Welcome to the Forms page

Scroll down this page to find the Iowa form. Most forms of the Iowa KofC's has a "IA-???" format at the beginning of the form.

If you get stuck, use the search bar above!

If you are really stuck, call Paul Falck, State Executive Secretary. His phone number is in the directory.

Council Resource Book and Forms Guide

Council Resource Book

A state guide to support council/district leaders, supplementing the Supreme Fraternal Planner

Forms Reporting Guide

Gives guidance on which forms are due and where to send them

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Membership Forms

Simplified Iowa Exemplification Report Form

This should be completed IMMEDIATELY after conducting an Exemplification ceremony.

Retention Worksheet

Here's a great tool councils use in helping with the retention of their members.

Membership related forms

Ceremonials Forms

Information regarding the New Exemplification

More Information regarding the new Exemplification of Charity, Unity, and Fraternity

Formation/Knighthood Ceremonials Request

This is ONLY to be used for the classic Formation and Knighthood degree ceremonies.

State Awards

E-mail all forms to; deadline is February 15

Outstanding Council Program Award

Use this form for the categories of Faith, Family, Community, and Life

Diocesan Chaplain of the Year Award

One award is presented per diocese.

Youth of the Year Award

Open to young men and women entries.

Outstanding District Deputy Award

One current District Deputy will be chosen.

Deacon of the Year Award

One entry is chosen.

Grand Knight of the Year Award

One entry is chosen.

Knight of the Year Award

One entry is chosen.

Family of the Year Award

One entry is chosen.

State Awards
Ceremonial Forms

Miscellaneous Forms

Deceased Member Report

PDF version

Deadline is March 1 to

State CPID Fund Request Form

PDF version, send to

Council Tri-Fold Fillable Council Pamphlet

PDF version for council to create pamphlet to share

Deceased Member Report

DOC version

Deadline is March 1 to

State CPID Fund Request Form

DOC version, send to

Stae CPID fund request

Life Programs

C.P.I.D. Product Order form

The order will go directly to the state chair

Ultrasound Initiative forms

forms available on Supreme KofC website

C.P.I.D. Report Form

For use after your drive to report you charitable giving;

LIfe Programs forms

Community Programs

Disaster Relief fund application

Send completed form for

Coming Soon
Free Throw Challenge forms


Soccer Challenge report form- Council

Send completed form to

Coming soon
Global Wheelchair Order Form

Send completed form to

Soccer Challenge report form- District/Regional

Send completed form to

Perpetual Memorial Society- enrollment form

Send completed form to

Community program forms

Family Programs

Family of the Month Form

Send completed form to


Save to PC and open with Adobe to fill-in electronically and print.

Food for Families Report


Trappist Casket order form


Knight of the Month form

Send completed form to

Keep Christ in Christmas product order form

Click the link to Learn More!

Family program forms

Faith Programs

Vocational Support Form

due every year at the State Convention

State Leadership Forms

State Leadership Expense Report

Upon completion, submit to your Executive Committee representative.

State Leadership bio form

A tool used by the State Council to get to know our volunteers.

Faith programs forms
State Leadership forms
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