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September Training Schedule and Signup Link

I am offering 4 different training sessions for State, Regional, District and Council leaders in the month of September. They are Delta Drive, Council Growth, Council Experience and You are Your Programs. Let me give a brief statement on these trainings.

Delta Drive: This training session talks about what items should be part of every organized growth drive. It also talks about planning and organizing the drive to make them effective

Council Growth: This training talks about the “why” of growing your council and how together we can be successful at it.

Council Experience: One secret of successful councils is that they engage their council members. This engagement leads these members to have positive membership experiences leading to more involvement from them and their families, leading to more men becoming interested in the council and ultimately the council’s ability to do more for the parish and the community. In this training, we’ll break down the five areas of engagement and provide practical, proven tactics for making sure that you engage your members in each of these areas. We’ll start with a council engagement assessment so you can see where your council has opportunities to improve so that you can focus specifically on these areas. You are Your Programs: This is a new training presentation that we start talking about what programs we do and how we are looked at by the community by what the program that they see.

All these sessions will be under one hour long including a Q&A period. These 4 sessions are designed to compliment each other and make councils look and take action on the whole council success.

Here is the dates for the trainings (all times are at Central Daylight time, Eastern times with be one hour later (7 PM CDT would be 8 PM EDT)) Delta Drive

9/1/ @ 6 PM CDT

Council Experience

9/7 @ 6PM CDT

9/8 @ 6PM CDT

9/9 @ 8PM CDT

Council Growth

9/14 @ 7PM CDT

9/15 @ 8PM CDT

You are Your Programs

9/21 @ 7PM CDT

9/22 @ 7PM CDT

9/23 @ 8PMCDT

Here is the Form link to sign up for these sessions

Thank you for your help with this and I hope you also have time to attend these sessions


Jon Olson

RTD Midwest region


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