Army of Knights

Brothers, I want to share a letter composed by one of our Regional Membership Specialists and District Deputy.


COVID-19 and the Coronavirus event that our world is experiencing is just the latest of challenges we, as Knights of Columbus, and our Order have faced and endured. These events should draw us together as defenders of our Holy Church and as patriotic citizens. People are watching our response as a group and individually.

We are an army, the “right hand of the Church” – soldiers guided by our faith. Soldiers are not polled on their opinion of a directive they are expected to honor their oaths of service with obedience. We must remember this as every new challenge emerges to act in solidarity with our Church, our leaders and our brother Knights. Armed with prayer and our most holy rosaries we must pull together to defend our Church and brotherhood with acts of Charity, Unity and Fraternity. Those three words are not simply a empty words, they are a blueprint of action. The rite or uniform of an army must never overshadow the action and conduct of its members. Change is inevitable; holy Tradition should not be confused with tradition of an organization.

Our Order has endured world wars and other threats from outside forces that can only be explained as evil works directed by the Devil himself. We will have more tests of our organization in the future as well. In times as these we must pull together; act becoming as Catholic gentlemen and evangelize our Catholic faith through our work and unity. People in our parishes, communities and country are watching us – we need to be mindful that with the grace of God and our unity of brotherhood we will not only endure these challenges; but thrive as an organization. Ohers will want to be a part of our movement. Together we can achieve great things in God’s name. Let's be a part of the solution. Vivat Jesus. Paul Falck

District Deputy - District 51

Iowa Knights of Columbus


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