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Holding Virtual Meetings

During this COVID-19 pandemic, many councils have been nervous about holding face-to-face meetings, or some of their members have not wanted to attend meetings, and it has become apparent that some form of “virtual meeting” would be necessary.

This is  new technology for many of us, and we have been asked to provide help for those who are not so “technologically-inclined”.

This page is intended as a guide for Council officers wishing to host virtual meetings, and for members who wish to attend them.

Setting up a Zoom Meeting

Starting a Scheduled Zoom Meeting

There is also lots of good advice and descriptions of changes made to the Laws and Rules of our order on the Supreme website here.

If you are having problems and would like help from our State Communications Team, please contact David Ritchie at or call 319-573-1152


The State Council has 8 different video conferencing platforms available for FREE use by councils and assemblies. We will set everything up and host the event- all you have to do is e-mail the link and conduct your meeting.

To request a date/time, click HERE.

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