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Ceremonials in the Knights of Columbus begin a man’s journey in the Knights and creates alignment to the mission of the order and the vision of our founder Fr. Michael J. McGivney. Ceremonials include degrees, council meetings and installation of officers.

Councils are to schedule and conduct an Admissions Degree at least 4 times per year. Districts are to schedule an Admissions degree once per month. No man who has signed his form 100 should wait more than a couple weeks to receive his degree.  Every new member is to be assigned a sponsor (who may not be the proposer) and / or a mentor to guide him into the life of the council.

The Exemplification of all Admission, Formation, and Knighthood Ceremonials must be reported on Form 450, which is available to be submitted electronically from the Knights of Columbus website HERE.

All Councils are reminded that they have the ability to conduct their own Admissions Degree at their own Council, and may read the parts (if necessary) or use the narration DVD in case they become short-handed. The official suppliers have available higher quality and lower cost paraphernalia items and should be contacted directly for those items, along with ceremonial baldrics.

Districts are to schedule to have Formation and Knighthood degrees at least once per year. Districts are encouraged to work together to host regional Knighthood degrees. Request forms and all information can be found HERE

If there are any questions, comments, and/or concerns, please feel free to contact

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