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Winners of the State Free Throw Championship

9 yr old Boy Caden Schmidt representing Danbury Council 2839

9 yr old Girl Alexa Guyer representing Indianola Council 5032

10 yr old boy Landon Olson representing Indianola Council 5032

10 yr old girl Jocelyn Walsh representing Fonda Council 2064

11 yr old boy Elliott Carlson representing Humboldt Council 8592

11 yr old girl Grace Roerig representing Sioux City Council 5660

12 yr old boy Sam Boothe representing Leon, Mt Ayr Council 12216

12 yr old girl Taylor B Oetzmann representing Long Grove Council 14695

13 yr old boy Cael Stephany representing Clear Lake Council 7898

13 yr old girl McKenna Sievers representing Fonda Council 2064

14 yr old boy Joe Clark representing Sac City Council 10464

14 yr old girl Jaci Christensen representing Audubon-Exira Council 7459


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