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Updates on the State Convention

My brother Knights:

After consulting with representatives of Supreme Council, and your state officers- we have decided to change several ways in which the Iowa State Council will conduct our annual State Convention and Annual Business Meeting. Please understand the following changes are unprecedented in our history—yet necessary based on what is currently happening with the COVID-19 pandemic. As Brother Knights in Christ, we intend to meet this challenge together and, hopefully, survive as better and healthier brother knights.

Let me address a few things-

• We will be conducting our Annual Business Meeting VIRTUALLY on April 18, 2020. During this time, we will be processing the four required agenda items- a) Acceptance of the Reports and approval of the State Council Budget, b) The election of delegates for the 2020 Supreme Convention, c) the election of State Council officers and the elected members of our Executive Committee, and d) the disposition of the resolutions that have been properly submitted and deemed in order. More details about this process will be out in the coming days and will be communicated via your council Grand Knight, Deputy Grand Knight, and Financial Secretary.

• The other elements of the State Convention (4th Degree Exemplification, Convention Banquet, Awards Program, Chaplains’ meeting, Ladies Luncheon) have been postponed. Once travel restrictions have been lifted and public celebration of Holy Mass has been restored, we will celebrate and party in Sioux City all of the wonderful work that our brother Knights have done this past year to Rise Up and Share God’s Joy!

Special Notes:

o All payments for meals and activities will be refunded to you in the coming weeks. Let us know if you haven’t received your refund by April 5.

o All hotel reservations made at either the Stoney Creek or the Courtyard will be cancelled by our convention team. Nothing for you to do for this.

What we need from you-

Keep selling the raffle tickets! Besides the great coupon on the back of each ticket for fresh produce from Fareway®, the funds generated supports our state Charitable Foundation and local organizations.

Mail in your Pennies for Heaven/Vocation support checks! Our seminarians need our support more than ever with most of them being sent back home for classes due to this virus. You can mail your contribution to Ed Pancrazio.

Please continue to keep membership at the top of your list! Just because we have greater restrictions, it DOES NOT mean we give up! With online membership, video conferencing tools, and access to both the classic and new exemplification- we must continue to invite men to share in this experience of putting our Faith in Action.

I truly thank you for your support and prayers. Together, we will weather this storm.

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