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Hello Father, how can I help bring people back to church?

One thing that keeps me up at night is this, "How are we going to get people back to Mass?" If one thing that has been evident, it is that the drawback of the dozens of live-stream Mass setups across the state has been the absence of people in the pews.

I totally get it. My family have found ourselves gathering in our sunroom around our TV watching either our parish priest, or our Bishop, or maybe even Mass from a different country!

But no matter how prayerful of a space we make it, or how distraction-free we try to make it, it simply does not substitute for being in God's house, eating from God's table, and being with God's people.

As Knights, we have answered a calling to pick up the sword of our faith and go Into the Breach. But how do we do that during a pandemic?

Here's a video where I outline some thoughts. Give it a listen, and more importantly, what would you add?

Peace and blessings- and Vivat Jesus!



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Unknown member
Dec 06, 2020

Thank you, worthy State Deputy, for this important call to action!

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