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Our Knights response to the recent Coronavirus outbreak

RE: Our Knights response to the recent Coronavirus outbreak

My brother Knights:

Much concern in both our church and, in our society, has been dedicated to the recent

outbreak of the COVID-19/Coronavirus. As your servant-leader, I want to add some

guidance surrounding our work as we continue to Rise Up and Share God’s Joy.

The Iowa State Council is working along with the Supreme Office on the best direction

regarding all of our regional and statewide programs, including the state bowling

tournament, the free throw championship, and our upcoming State Convention. The

Supreme Council is leaving much of the decision to myself and our state team on the

best direction for our fraternal activities.

The Iowa State Council is also in touch with all four diocesan offices. We will adjust our

activities based on the directional tone each diocese provides to its parishes and priest.

We expect all local councils to comply with the direction of their respective diocese and

parish pastor/parish life coordinator.

I have been given authority to act in the best interest of my jurisdiction (State of Iowa). With the number of confirmed cases being so low, and after conversations with our diocesan offices- it is my directive that KofC activities still continue unless your respective parish pastor deems otherwise.

As of this notice, all activities, including our 2020 State Convention, will be

conducted as scheduled. We do reserve the right to adjust this plan should the

situation changes.

We know that some will decide to remove themselves from participation in our

upcoming events. You know what the best decision will be for you and your family.

To that end, we will be adjusting and increasing our precautions and safety procedures

in Sioux City. Citing the current US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

guidelines, the best things to do includes washing your hands (one could say 2 Hail

Marys in 20 seconds), avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed

hands, and if you aren’t feeling well- stay home.

As we continue this Lenten season, may our prayer, fasting, and almsgiving continue to

give greater glory of God. May St. Roch, the patron saint of those suffering from

contagious illnesses, intercede for all those directly and indirectly affected.

Vivat Jesus!

Paul Lee

State Deputy/CEO


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