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NEIGHBOR2020- did you get it?

Morning all- I just sent to the state, district, and council leadership a ramble on our calling to Leave No Neighbor Behind.

Buried in it is this- there's a savings code the next 2 weeks on online membership.


Some folks ask: If membership in the Knights is so special, why discount the cost?

Because paying for membership in the Knights isn't so much about the financial investment in being a member, rather it's about the spiritual, emotional, and physical connection with other Catholic men who have similar values and beliefs.

It's about knowing there are 2 million men, almost 32,000 here in Iowa, who have your back.


It's about knowing there are folks who truly care about the well-being of my family.

It's knowing there's good, wholesome, morality-based videos and spiritual content available for the growth of my soul.

It's knowing that I can put my money with my values and invest in financial products that match my values- where else can you find that?!!

So, my goal is to find at least one Catholic male who is 18 or older to join in these next 2 weeks- what about you?


PS- Use the savings code at

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