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Iowa to send help to Louisiana in response to Hurricane Laura

Brother Knights: In the history of our Order, there's a phrase often used, "Charity begins at home." For me, part of this includes taking care of our own.

Therefore, it is important that we support each other. To that end, the Iowa Knights of Columbus State Council will be sending $750.00 to support the relief efforts on display by the Louisiana KofC State Council.

Today, I phoned Louisiana State Deputy Vernon Ducote, and expressed that their motto of "Stronger Together" speaks highly of our collective mission to be bound by our principles of Charity, Unity, and Fraternity in all our actions. He shared with me the number of ways our funds would be used to help others most affected.

To our brother Knights and the people across Louisiana, especially the Lake Charles community, we send our love and support from the Hawkeye State!

Vivat Jesus!

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