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Our response to the derecho, 8/31/2020; 9:00 AM

Brother Knights and supporters:

Allow me to offer a profound word of gratitude to everyone who has been involved with our derecho storm relief efforts. From the prayers, the phone calls, the outpouring of volunteerism with multiple deliveries of food, supplies, and clean up efforts- we have truly lived out our calling to Lift Every Voice by Leaving No Neighbor Behind! As I mentioned previously, the State Council continued our efforts to gather and distribute funds across the hard hit areas. To date, we have received nearly $22,000, coming from individuals, assemblies, councils, the Supreme Council, as well as from our state council budget. We are truly grateful to everyone.

Of this amount, we have given away some $14,500 to schools, parishes, individuals, and partnering with other organizations that are helping our fellow Iowans. Beyond this, Knights have prepared and served THOUSANDS of meals in many communities, sometimes driving hundreds of miles to deliver and bring a warm smile and a genuine heart. Knights have cut down hundreds of trees, removed roofs and other debris from fields, and so much more. The Iowa Knights of Columbus truly were In Service to One, In Service to All.

There is STILL funding available for individuals, parishes, and partnering organizations to assist with storm relief efforts. I think there's nearly $7,000.00 available. I've attached the form- send the completed form to me ( We are responding within 24 hours so that the help that's needed gets taken care of quickly.

Together, we will ride this storm and come out better than ever before. May Our Lady of Guadalupe continue to surround us with her protection. We will Lift Every Voice in service to one, in service to all! Paul Lee, SD

IA391- Disaster Relief funds request form_2020-08-31
Download PDF • 27KB

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