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Challenge to all Brother Knights

Challenge to all Brother Knights

1. Be Calm

a. Accept Reality – This situation is unprecedented and we need to adjust as needed

b. Be Productive – Find something to keep busy, it will help keep your mind positive and off of the could’ve, would’ve, should’ve

c. Control your upsetting thoughts – Try not to focus on the negatives and focus on the positives

2. Be Caring

a. Show more kindness – family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and others

b. Extend God’s Grace to everyone you come in contact with

c. Don’t be judgmental – Everyone is handling this situation differently, be understanding

d. Pray – Pray for all those affected by this

3. Stay Connected

a. We may be separated physically, but have multiple options to connect virtually

b. Check-in on parents, grandparents, widows of past members, etc

c. District Deputies check-in with Grand Knights, Financial Secretaries, Chaplains

d. Grand Knights check-in with your officer team and have them assist reaching out to members

e. Take part in Supreme and State Web meetings/Trainings

We have an opportunity to shine during this difficult time in our country, we need to lead by example and do everything we can to Rise Up and Share God’s Joy!

Vivat Jesus!

Jamie McNaughton

State Program Director

Iowa Knights of Columbus


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