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2018 State Spelling Bee Winners

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Congratulations to the state winners of the 

Iowa Knights of Columbus Spelling Bee!!!

The Spelling Bee was held on Sunday, March 4 at St. Cecilia Catholic Church in Ames. Pictured with the winners are State Youth Director Rick Jacoby, Jr.  

4th Grade 1st: Kavin Bhurtel, Cedar Rapids 2nd: Maya Aalderks, Cedar Falls 3rd: Justin Pry, Cascade

5th Grade 1st: Avinash Ganti, Waukee 2nd: Jacob Suresh, West Des Moines 3rd: Ruthie Haynes, Cedar Falls

6th Grade 1st: Keira Ellerbroek, Cedar Falls (Two-time State Champion) 2nd: Grant Putze, Waukee 3rd: Haydon Bailey, Kalona

7th Grade 1st: Leo Friedman, Newton 2nd: Alivia Poock, Kalona 3rd: Owen Muhs, Newton


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