Iowa KofC Disaster Relief Fund


To make a difference by assisting those less fortunate


To offer a bit of assistance to as many persons as possible who have suffered household loss as a result of disasters, giving preference to Brother Knights first, fellow Catholics second, and assisting others third.


Assistance is not intended to offer complete relief, replace insurance, or take care of health needs, but to offer ready cash to assist in everyday living needs as lives are put back together.


A disaster is identified as, “a damaging or destructive event: an event that causes serious loss, destruction, hardship, unhappiness, or death”. A natural disaster is identified as, “a disaster caused by natural forces: an event caused by natural forces rather than by human action that causes serious loss, destruction, hardship, unhappiness, or death”. For the purpose of this protocol we will be dealing with disasters and natural disasters as defined above and will refer to them as disaster(s). 

Send Donations to:

Iowa KofC Disaster Relief Fund

c/o Francis Schlueter

452 NW 70th Place

Ankeny, IA 50023-9536

Relief in Action

The Iowa Knights of Columbus Disaster Fund has continued to help those in need during personal tragedy caused by natural disasters. As we all know the weather is something that we cannot control. Since July of 2008 we have given out over $42,500 to help many individuals in Iowa. This truly exemplifies the first principle of our Order - Charity.

Iowa is a state where inclement weather can occur. In 2016 there will be a continuing need to receive donations in order to keep our mission to help those in need. We have received donations from individuals and councils. An extra pancake feed or fish fry from your council or assembly would help keep this program on track.


The Iowa Knights of Columbus contributed several thousands of dollars to other states disasters in the past. Iowa should be proud to be able to help others in need. It is only fair because during our period of disaster in recent years we have received several donations from other states to be given to the people affected by disasters.

Disaster Relief Information and Form

Send Completed applications to PSD Patrick O'Keefe, Disaster Relief Chairman, at