Come join us to visit two of the most iconic treasures of Sioux City!

Visitors come from far and wide to see Trinity Heights, a unique travel destination that blends art, nature and Christianity. The site offers more than two dozen shrines, memorial garden spots and quiet corners for prayer and reflection amid 14 acres of spacious walkways and soft green spaces.


Oscar Carl Vineyard established in 2016 will be providing a brief presentation of how they started a vineyard and venue business in Sioux City.  There will be a tour of the facility and vineyard and a free tasting of three delicious Iowa wines – Loesscato (sweet white), Jerry Wane (sweet rose’) and Number Ten (dry red).

Trinity Heights & Oscar-Carl Vineyard Bus Tours

  • This tour will depart from the Convention Center main doors at 1:15pm. Please arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time. We will return back to the Convention Center in time for the 4:15pm Awards Session.