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Virtual Exemplifications of Patriotic Degree

The Iowa District refuses to let this pandemic keep new members from joining our ranks. Our March and April exemplifications in Ankeny and Sioux City had to be canceled so we’ve produced an online exemplification ceremony.

Our first virtual exemplification occurred on May 13th in honor of our Lady of Fatima whose feast day it was. 24 brothers advanced to Sir Knight status and were favorably instructed in our Catholic heritage and patriotic involvement in this country. Now we turn to you for the next chapter.

Two more events have been scheduled.

  • Wednesday, May 20 at 8:00 pm in honor of Our Lady of the Apostles

  • Sunday, May 31 at 7:00 pm in honor of Our Lady Mother of the Church

Attached to this post you will find two documents: a Form 4 (in case you don’t have a paper copy already) and instructions for Faithful Navigators to use to get these documents filled out and sent to our District Secretary. Once the District Secretary receives a completed Form 4 and registration payment, the candidate will get directions on the online registration and viewing process. We ask that this information be submitted 48 hours prior to the scheduled start.

Here is some additional information.

  1. The online exemplification is a recorded video of our Iowa degree team. It is well done, easy to watch and is the full exemplification script so a new member seeing this ceremony won’t be getting an abbreviated version of our standard ceremony.

  2. Candidates and observers will be guided through the process by our District Master and members of our district staff. Current Sir Knights are welcome to observe but also need to register with the District Secretary. A person MUST be registered to watch the ceremony.

  3. Candidates, unfortunately, won’t get the benefit of the face-to-face knighting. Navigators are expected to do that at a later date as social distancing restrictions are eased.

  4. I want to remind you of our priests and deacons who want to join the 4th but lack the time to attend an in-person weekend exemplification.  These virtual online exemplifications will be much more convenient for them to attend. Take the time to make a special invitation to your paster and your Deacon brother(s) to consider becoming Sir Knights of Columbus on either of these on-line exemplifications.

  5. The regular new member certificate and documents, social baldric, and lapel pin will be sent to Navigators after the candidate participates in the online exemplification. Navigators will then contact the new members to pass along these items.

  6. The registration fee is $50 instead of the typical $70 fee. The $50 fee covers the district’s cost to purchase the baldric, lapel pin, produce and send the new member documents, pay a registration fee to Supreme for each candidate, and to offset the video production cost.

  7. The registration fee for priests and deacons will be $25. it is expected that the assembly will cover this fee.

  8. Since this is a video presentation, candidates are encouraged to use a PC or Mac computer. Tablets and iPads will work but their smaller screen sizes will reduce the impact of the presentation. Smartphone screens are too small to be effective and should not be used.

  9. Candidates will not be visible during this online ceremony.

Stay Strong, Be Brave, and Viva Christo Rey!

Form 4 Processing for an Online Exemplification
Download PDF • 590KB

Form 4
Download PDF • 159KB


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