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New District Master Appointed 2022

The Iowa District is pleased to announce that we have been notified by the Supreme Master of the appointment of Paul R. Lee, IPSD as Master of the Iowa District in the Father Padilla Province effective September 1, 2022.

Paul Lee is a dedicated child of Christ who is a proud son to brother Knight Robert Sr. and Joan, brother, husband of 13 years to his wife Amanda, and father to four children (Jordan 23, Noah 12, Josephine 7, Stephen deceased). Paul currently serves as the Director & Administrator of St. Stephen the Witness Catholic Student Center which serves over 800 college students at three colleges including the University of Northern Iowa. He has an extensive list of accolades spanning civic, service, and church-related organizations, including being a recipient of the Silver Beaver award from the Boy Scouts of America, being recognized as a 20 under 40 award recipient for distinguished service to the Cedar Falls/Waterloo area, and numerous volunteer service awards. Within the church, he has served 6 years on the board for the Iowa Catholic Conference, is currently a member of the Human Life & Dignity committee for the Iowa Catholic Conference, and is on the board for Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Dubuque. Fraternally, Paul served as the State Deputy Class President in 2019, on the D2-D4 State Deputy Advisory Council during 2019-2021, and assisted with a host of fraternal training and webinars.

FDM Michael Gaspers extends his congratulations and assurances of his support to Brother Sir Knight Lee in his efforts on behalf of the Fourth Degree. Brother Gaspers wishes a most rewarding experience to Brother Lee as he fulfills his duties as Master. All Sir Knights are encouraged to offer their assistance to the new Master in being “Religiously Devoted and Patriotically Proud” in word as well as in deed.

Former Master Gaspers offers sincerest thanks to those brothers who, during the past five years, and particularly in periods of stress and uncertainty, have given him the benefit of their advice, the strength of their arms, and the invaluable support of their confidence. Whatever success that was achieved has been possible only in partnership with these wonderful brothers including Brother Lee.

Newly appointed Master Paul Lee remarks, “I am honored to have been selected to serve as the next Master of the Iowa District of the Patriotic Degree of the Knights of Columbus. I am grateful for the five years of meritorious service to Worthy Sir Knight Michael Gaspers (and his wife Anita), his staff, and the degree team for a job well done. They faithfully carried out their duties to be “Religiously Devoted, Patriotically Proud”. These past years especially demonstrated the need to be a band of brothers, rooted in our Holy Catholic faith, and the history of our democratic republic government.

Relying on God as our anchor and guide, I look forward to how we band together to defend both the tenants of our Catholic Christian faith, as well as to defend the institution of our American government and the values to which we as American citizens pledge allegiance.”

Paul Lee

District Master, IPSD

Iowa Knights of Columbus

Michael P. Gaspers

Former District Master, PSD

Iowa Knights of Columbus


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