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Ida Grove 10864 Hosts Hybrid Exemplification

It was Roger's dream to have more young men belong to the Knights and move quickly to become 4th degree. He worked tirelessly promoting the Knights at his local parish but found that while there was interest in the Patriotic Degree, there were many who wanted the in-person experience but were not willing to travel long distances or devote the better part of a day to become Sir Knights.

He and Grand Knight Pat Friedmann of Ida Grove requested consideration of a local exemplification on a weeknight at their parish of Sacred Heart.

With a quick setup approach pioneered by our District Marshall Jeff Wellick and great pre-recorded exemplification sequences by our worthy State Secretary and AV wizard John McGee in our team's toolbox, I agreed to a June date and made a requirement of a minimum of 6 new members.

They got to work on making this exemplification a reality. Unfortunately, Roger passed away suddenly in early May. That didn't discourage Pat as he redoubled his efforts asking all eligible Knights to consider advancing and plans were amended to honor Roger at this exemplification.

When the night came for the exemplification on June 7, 2022, 12 council brothers stood to take their degree. With 2 others from a neighboring council, the total number making their 4th degree that night was 14. A fantastic and favorable amount.

Congratulations to Pat Friedmann for his belief and hard work to make this happen. Many thanks also to Roger who sowed and cultivated the field for years to create the possibility for today.

That's a testimony to the power of persistent asking and being visible at multiple parish events. If a small council can do this -- what can you do in your area? With degree options including Virtual, All Day, and Hybrid we can offer to meet brother Knights where they are and impart valuable lessons on patriotism and the Catholic contribution to this country past and present.

Ida Gove Exemplification Class -- happy & enthusiastic new Sir Knights

Center: Irv Oberreuter - long-time Knight and 4th degree flanked by his son James and Grandson Noah who joined the 4th degree on the same night.


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