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His Vision - Our Mission

138 years ago a parish priest had a vision - create an organization of Catholic men to come together to enhance their spiritual life, serve the parish and community and protect Catholic families. His vision has grown into our mission to spread the gift of membership to other Catholic men and families.

Do your part at passing the gift of membership on to another Catholic man in your parish, workplace or family. We each bear the Duty to Honor Fr. McGivney by inviting a new member to carry on the Order's Legacy of service. Duty, Honor, Legacy - it does not get easier than that.

As a point of convenience, encourage a eligible candidate to visit to become an eMember as the first step in becoming a member of your local council. Have him use the promotional code MCGIVNEY2020 to receive his first year's dues free.

Once he is an eMember he can become a 3rd Degree member of a council by participating in the Charity, Unity and Fraternity exemplification ceremony - which can be viewed live online, online on-demand (recorded) or at a local council ceremony live or via DVD.

Be the Knight your proposer knew you could be, pay the gift of membership forward!


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