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19July 4th Degree Report to Executive Committee

District Master Report to Executive Committee – July 2019

Membership Growth 2018-2019 Fraternal Year

Exemplification Location


New Sir Knights

Ames (St Thomas)

September 16, 2018


Waterloo (St Edward)

October 13, 2018



November 11, 2018


Council Bluffs (St Pats)

November 18, 2018


Sioux City

March 2, 2019


Mason City

April 7, 2019


Des Moines (St. Conv)

May 3, 2019



Sir Knights in Iowa as of 7/1/2018 = 4,853

Represents a net loss of 11 Sir Knights over the previous year (2017 at 4,864). Deaths are exceeding replacements!

Goal for Growth = 340

As of 6/1/19 Supreme = 145 or 42% of goal (Supreme has not posted year end results for 4th Degree)

From the district records 199 or 58.5% of goal

2017-2018 year the District ended with 138 new members in 4 exemplifications.

Exemplification Plans for 2019-2020

· Decorah – September 7 – confirmed

· Houghton – October 19 – proposed and likely

· Council Bluffs November 10 – proposed

· Ames – under consideration for November

· Waterloo – under consideration for March

· Sioux City Convention - April

Assembly Growth

Currently 47 Assemblies in Iowa District

Targeting 2 new assemblies this fraternal year

· Splitting Dubourg 1573 on the North with focus on Guttenberg and Clayton County

· Splitting Davis 271 along an East West division

Terrain Therapy Garden

As of June 1 the Knights of Columbus Assemblies and Councils have raised over $20,000 towards completion of the Terrain Therapy Garden for the Des Moines VA Hospital.

The District Master is offering $5,000 in matching funds.

Other Program Initiatives

· Military Chaplains Fund – ongoing encouragement to participate.

· Encourage practice in the Drill Manual and Manual of the Sword – we need to look as sharp as possible in the new uniform.

· Voter Registration – engage assemblies to gear up for this program as the next election cycle approaches.

· Encourage Assemblies to strive for Star Assembly – should have several qualify this year but no report received back at this time.

Uniform Update

As of July 1st the traditional regalia is retired and may NOT be worn (specifically the chapeau and cape) in the Color Corps.

On June 5th the Supreme Master sent out a memo to all assemblies, district masters and vice supreme masters as well as state leadership detailing this policy and outlining penalties for non-compliance.

The District Master is reiterating to all assemblies to comply with the directive. He is also encouraging Sir Knights to continue to participate in local events in the approved attire, ie new uniform or if member doesn't have same in tux or dark suit and baldric. This participation is important to keep all Sir Knights engaged especially in the Wake or Funerals of brother knights and families requesting their presence.

The District Master does not intend to be in the uniform police business. Do not put him in that position by violating the policy.

Assembly leadership or concerned members are encouraged to contact the District Master.


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